EVpay IoT is there for you when you need reliable full scale service system

The EVpay technology is already widely used in other payment applications as in taxis and bus ticketing




  • Secure, two-way communication between charging unit and back office

  • Remote control, management, and updating of individual charging units – saving time and money

  • Multimodal network connections to other charging units and payment systems

  • Clearing of payments

  • The possibility to review transactions





BENEFITS of EVpay app to your clients

  • Covers 60 000 charge stations later this year

  • Finds the nearest charging station

  • Location and status information of charging network and prices

  • Reserve available charging station

  • A secure and transparent payment system

  • Register any major credit card into the application

  • Monitor charging situation online

  • Notification when charging completed

  • Receive details of the transaction



Ensuring secure payment

EVpay is one of the newest Semel developed system / application.

The Semel Corporation is a Stock Company that was established in 1971 and is today one of the leading mobile systems suppliers in the Nordic Countries. Semel is specialised in payment and measurement systems but also in big data collecting systems. Clients of Semel work in demanding environments that require maintenance 24/7 (any given hour of the day). Only in the Nordic Countries, already over 7000 cab/taxi owners have put their trust in Semel’s payment systems. Semel belongs to KGK Group AB since 1993.